If you are considering Cost Of Metal Building With Living Quarters then you have come to the right place, Sinosteel Steel is a professional steel builder and we offer not only a professional design service but also the best quality prices. These buildings are built to last, whether you are looking to buy a barn, factory, workshop or hangar building. We can offer affordable prices on all of them. Here we offer metal buildings with living quarters for $23-$31 per square foot. Please ask one of our engineersfor an accurate quote.

cost of metal building with living quarters-Metal building price

The Popularity Of Metal Buildings With Living Quarters

In recent years. Steel buildings are widely accepted for their low price as well as their low maintenance. Our metal building with living quarters is one of the best types of building in terms of practicality, as it maintains a good balance between work and living needs. And not only does this type of building save you money on construction costs, it is also extremely durable. It is currently used for shops, houses with storage, garages and much more.

Factors Affecting The Cost Of Metal Building With Living Quarters

1. Size: We offer conventional building sizes such as 40×60, 40×80, 50×60, 60×60 metal buildings with living quarters, etc. Size is the primary factor influencing price. So what is the size of your metal building requirements?
2. Location: The location where the building is placed will have an impact on the price of the building. For example, zoning, local codes, permits and other issues can directly affect the price of a metal building.
3. Foundation Construction: When steel structure installation is carried out, the foundation also needs to be levelled, fixed columns poured, concrete footings and other pre-construction preparations. Our designers will communicate with you about these to determine the work to be completed
4. Customisation Requirements: do you want a conventional style or more customisation, additional customisation will also increase your costs
5. Functional requirements: do you have more functional requirements ? if so, please let us know.
6. Insulation: there are additional costs for insulating metal buildings, these are not included in the cost of the kit.

The above factors can provide you with some basis for estimating the price of metal to start your estimate as well as customisation.


In conclusion, the price of a metal building with living quarters is influenced by many factors and if you want to determine the exact price, then it is wisest to contact our engineers. Because Sinosteel currently works with thousands of clients worldwide, our design team is familiar with the policies and regulations of many, many countries. We can provide you with a reasonable and effective quote for your metal building.