There are no prescribed dimensions for metal buildings, which is why metal buildings are also often referred to as prefabricated structures. Before we start to determine Metal Building Sizes, let’s first understand the common misconceptions about metal building construction.

Firstly, there is no standard size or type of metal building to choose from.

All of SINOACME STEEL STRUCTURE’s buildings are designed and manufactured by the designer to meet the specific requirements of the client and local building codes.

The most common types of buildings are metal warehouses, metal workshops, agricultural buildings and hangars, to name but a few.

Many people would also like to have a choice of building plans when building.

However, this is not recommended

The reason for this is that metal buildings are a self-supporting structure.

With prefabricated building construction, you can enjoy complete freedom of design by being able to meet all your customary requirements.

This way, you are not influenced by any floor plan design and can fully customise the building to suit your future business development and other requirements.

Having understood these common misconceptions, let’s talk about sizing metal buildings!

Metal Building Sizes

Comparing Square Footage

Metal buildings are different from conventional concrete and timber buildings.

Whereas conventional concrete/wood buildings are generally sized and sized using internal space, prefabricated buildings are sized using external dimensions.

For example, a 100 x 100 square foot prefabricated building would actually be a little larger than 10,000 square feet.

Of course, don’t worry, our design experts will calculate the exact floor area for you based on the specific type of frame you choose.

Metal Building Widths

Steel is suitable for the construction of any type and size of building.

The most common type of metal building used is still the large building.
Common metal building sizes are 30×30, 30×40 and 60×100 square feet.

The maximum span range offered is up to 300 feet.

And buildings with limited internal support – modular buildings– span ranges up to 480 ft.

Modular frames are often a more economical option than clear span frames of 80ft to 100ft or more in width.

Metal Building Sizes

Metal Building Heights

Metal buildings are more often designed with one or two storey heights.

A common type is the steel space + loft construction

The clear height here is the height of the concrete slab to the top of the eaves, not the height to the ceiling.

Standard heights for prefabricated buildings are typically 12-20 feet in height.

If you have a design requirement for more height, we can accommodate this.

Conventional builds offer building designs up to a maximum height of 40 feet, or higher depending on the custom design at a later stage.

Metal Building Lengths

Another outstanding feature of prefabricated buildings is the unlimited length limit.

Whether you want to add one room, two rooms or three rooms. The steel building system can do it all.

This is a fast and efficient mode of construction.

When implementing an extension, you simply order more steel frame structures to be attached to one or both ends of the building.

If there are plans for future extensions.

Then design and install the necessary load-bearing walls to the original frame structure when designing and building, making later extensions easy.

These are all factors that you must consider when designing.

SINOACME STEEL STRUCTURE’s designers will also check with you during the design process whether there is a need for expansion at a later stage.

In fact, as long as the height and width are the same, your building structure can be easily extended.

Determining The Dimensions Of a Metal Building

Before you can determine the exact dimensions of a specific metal building.

You first need to know what the building is going to be used for.

Is it a warehouse, a workshop, storage, a stadium or an agricultural building.

Different applications will have different building requirements.

For example, a large warehouse building is likely to be faced with storing more goods, then the building height may have some higher requirements to accommodate more goods.

Therefore, when deciding again to proceed with steel construction, carefully consider what the later uses of this building will be, how large the land area will be, the later space planning and other details.

These will help you to determine the exact dimensions of your metal building.

Metal Building Sizes Guide

What Is The Optimum Size Of Your Metal Building?

As a specialist steel design and contractor, SINOACME STEEL STRUCTURE has professional experience in building and construction.

Over the years, we have completed thousands of project designs and installation programmes worldwide.

With a wealth of experience in design, construction and project management, we can meet your needs for any size and purpose of metal building.

Choose SINOACME STEEL STRUCTURE and we will complete all your building plans from start to finish.

If you have any special construction needs, please let our architects know.([email protected])

Our architects will listen carefully to your suggestions. The structure will be tailor-made for you.