Agricultural Steel Buildings

Agricultural steel buildings are used as storage spaces for agricultural production machinery, implements, crops and livestock products. It has the function of protecting agricultural assets. Agricultural steel buildings are also commonly referred to as farm buildings. This type of building is extremely practical and requires very little maintenance at a later stage, leaving you more time to complete important tasks. Although the construction of a steel building may mean a large investment for you, AG buildings are much stronger than conventional buildings and can withstand extreme conditions such as hurricanes, heavy snowfall, strong earthquakes and extreme temperatures.

Agricultural Steel Buildings

Why is agricultural construction important?

The role of agricultural buildings in the protection of agricultural assets cannot be overlooked. Good building construction and resilience to natural hazards are essential if agricultural assets are to be adequately protected from loss. Traditional concrete building structures use concrete load-bearing columns and wall structures. Steel structures, on the other hand, are monolithic frame structures and use high quality galvanised stainless steel as the main building material, which is far stronger and more flexible than conventional building materials. In the event of heavy rainfall, snow and earthquakes, the forces are naturally distributed to the various elements of the steel structure, reducing problems such as roof collapse due to excessive forces, while the physical properties of the steel also prevent pests. It is ideal for livestock farming and crop storage.See why metal structures are chosen for agricultural buildings, now!

The benefits of a steel farm

1. Economical: We provide the best materials at the most favorable price, and. The construction cost per square meter is only 50-100 US dollars. Since all constructions are factory prefabricated, it saves the current construction time.

2. Strong thermal insulation performance: The steel structure warehouse roof and wall panels are treated with thermal insulation to ensure the stability of the indoor temperature and create a familiar environment for crop storage and livestock breeding.

3. Clear span structure: The overall use of steel as the main structure makes agricultural buildings have the appearance of current lines, and can also have a beautiful appearance under the premise of satisfying practicability.

4. Large-span structure: During the construction process, the overall structure adopts a large-span structure, and there is basically no need to use load-bearing columns inside, providing an open, barrier-free space.

5.Protection: Sturdy agricultural buildings provide good protection for your livestock, crops and equipment. Effective against pests and diseases, hurricanes, snowstorms and strong earthquakes.

6 .Low maintenance: the good metallic properties of the structural steel result in ag building kits that are resistant to cracking, warping and insect damage during use in later years. Only simple cleaning is required.

7 .Customisability: these buildings can be customised to suit specific needs, whether for livestock farming, storage of machinery, warehouses, workshops and other types of building.

8 .Flexibility: this type of building will come with the expansion of the business and can be expanded as the needs see fit.

Types of agricultural buildings

The farm buildings can be subdivided according to the different uses into five categories: farm buildings, livestock barns and shelters, machinery and supply buildings, crop storage, and special uses.

Large span AG buildings for sale - cheap
Metal farm buildings for sale

1. Farmhouse

While the basic functional requirements of a farmhouse are basically the same as those of a city home, SINOACME STEEL STRUCTURE has modernised the farmhouse with some upgrades in functionality. Equipped with the perfection of bathing, resting, toilet, kitchen, office and other places. Everything needed for living is met.

2. Livestock Barns And Shelters

Barns and shelters are two of the most important parts of agricultural production. They can generally be divided into multi-purpose buildings (used to store orphan feed, grain, machinery etc.) and buildings designed for specific animal breeding. The agricultural buildings we design generally use feed barns and shelters next to each other, which greatly facilitates the livestock breeding process. They can also be combined with agricultural production plants, enabling a full range of processes for breeding, feeding, production and transport.

Secondly, the cold and hot environment is taken into account. Our buildings are equipped with ventilation systems and insulated panel structures to improve the overall thermostability of the space. A suitable growing environment is created.

Mechanical and supply construction shelters
Storage space for agricultural equipment

3. Machinery And Supply Buildings

This type of building is mainly designed to protect against the hazards of the weather and to provide protection for our agricultural production machinery. Inside the building, there are as few columns as possible and the span is large enough. It can guarantee the proper removal of machinery. At the same time, we have a maintenance workshop and storage space for tools on the other side of the warehouse. And it is equipped with sliding doors and overhead doors in design mode.

4. Crop Storage

Crop storage buildings generally have a high environmental requirement factor and conventional buildings have no problems as well as humidity regulation functions. Our rigid warehouse buildings generally achieve temperature regulation through external ventilation or refrigeration to guarantee normal crop storage, and also heat insulation treatment of the roof and wall panels to meet the normal storage conditions for crops.

5 . Special Purpose

A typical example of a building that is necessary for agricultural purposes and whose function is not specific is the air-drying barn built for the drying of maize.

Participate In The Design Of Agricultural Buildings

Participate in our design to make the steel structure completely suitable for you.

Sinoacme provides more steel structure options including:

1. Frame style
2. Cold coated outer panel
3. Lifting options
4. Ventilation options
5. Insulation package
6. Mezzanine floor system
7. Ventilation options
8. Lighting options
9. Drainage and downspout options

Custom design for agricultural buildings

Start of bespoke agricultural steel buildings

As a top global steel fabricator, we have helped thousands of business owners around the world build AG buildings. We are committed to building farm buildings specifically for each business owner because we never seek to make a profit, but are dedicated to providing the best service experience for each customer, and that includes the quality and price of our steel buildings. And we also offer the best after-sales service. That’s why we have thousands of customers to work with.

Sinoacme Steel Structure can provide the best agricultural building solutions for all types of agricultural production, whether you want to buy a farmhouse, a livestock shed, a warehouse for agricultural machinery or storage space for your crops. Our steel structures offer the best protection, both from external and internal factors. We design fully functional farm buildings with a contemporary design, column-free interiors, excellent resistance to natural disasters and much more. You can contact our engineers directly. Design an agricultural steel building that meets your specific requirements.