Industrial steel structures

Industrial Steel Structures are widely used for the construction of large scale plants such as manufacturing and chemical plants and have the advantages of light weight, simple construction and high rigidity. It is a common type of steel construction. They are also very economical. We have designed various types of industrial buildings, such as heavy steel structures, light steel structures and large-span steel buildings, depending on the environment in which they are used. Heavy-duty steel structures are generally used to build petrochemical plants and other factories, while light-duty steel structures are mainly used to build  warehouses  and  hangars.

Company Advantage

Strong and durable Steel Industrial Buildings

Prefabricated steel structures are constructed from high-grade galvanised stainless steel and are renowned worldwide for their durability. As an industrial building, high demands are placed on the robustness and durability of the building. Our prefabricated buildings are built with a properly stressed structure, which increases the overall structural performance and, due to the inorganic nature of steel, prevents corrosion, bending and cracking. The normal lifespan of a Steel Industrial Building is around 50 years, and may be even longer when effectively maintained.

wide range of industrial steel structures

Sinoacme Steel Structure manufactures steel industrial buildings for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Hangars
  • Warehouses
  • Manufacturing workshops
  • Industrial parks
  • Equipment storage
  • Supermarkets
  • Slaughterhouses
  • Oil or gas buildings
  • Chemical plants
  • Welding workshops

Affordable Industrial Steel Structures

Metal buildings are more cost effective than other building types, with a concrete building/wood building costing around $8 per square foot to build, compared to $5-$10 for a metal building. This depends on the specific custom requirements. It is also cheaper to operate at a later stage, making it a great investment for a metal building type. As a specialist manufacturer with global supply, we offer free design, quotation and installation sessions to our customers worldwide to help you keep your build costs as low as possible.

Highly customisable Industrial Steel Structures

At Sinoacme Steel Structure, you can get a highly customisable assembled steel building for the same cost, not only in terms of exterior design, but also in terms of interior design and specialized design of the interior. For example, for clients who require a fire suppression system / hoisting system to be installed, we design the building separately, adding additional load capacity to the frame. We can also help you to divide the interior of the space to meet the target usage requirements, including the use of space.

China Sinoacme Power Plant Structure
China Sinoacme Mining Industry Building

Unique Advantage

  • High overall strength, light weight

The material properties of steel materials are high density and strong resistance to deformation. Under the same force area, steel components use a smaller area, light weight, and convenient transportation. It is suitable for buildings with larger spans and heavy load-bearing structures.

  • High structural reliability

It is suitable for areas with frequent earthquakes and hurricanes, with good resistance to natural disasters. The internal structure of the steel structure building is uniform and receives strong impact and dynamic loads. It can effectively distribute the force to various parts to avoid damage. All steel structures are more reliable.

  • High degree of industrialization

All components are produced at the factory and processed and assembled at the destination. Greatly shorten the time. It is a type of building with the highest degree of industrialization.

  • Steel structure is not heat-resistant and fire-resistant

When the temperature is below 150°C, the properties of the steel change little. Therefore, the steel structure is suitable for hot workshops, but when the surface of the structure is exposed to heat radiation of about 150 ℃, it should be protected by heat insulation board. When the temperature is between 300°C and 400°C, the strength and elastic modulus of the steel are significantly reduced. When the temperature is about 600°C, the strength of the steel tends to zero. In buildings with special fire protection requirements, the steel structure must be protected by refractory materials to improve the fire resistance level.

  • Poor corrosion resistance of steel structure

Especially in the environment of humid and corrosive medium, it is easy to rust. Generally, steel structures need to be derusted, galvanized or painted, and regularly maintained. For offshore platform structures in seawater, special measures such as “zinc block anode protection” are required to prevent corrosion.

  • Low carbon, energy saving, green and environmental protection, reusable
  • The demolition of steel structure buildings hardly produces construction waste, and steel can be recycled and reused.

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