Metal Aircraft Hangar

Metal Aircraft Hangar is a prefabricated steel building, using steel as the main material. This type of building has been proven in hurricanes, snowstorms and severe earthquakes and is an extremely reliable model of construction today. It provides perfect ventilation and good insulation, providing a comfortable environment for the storage and maintenance of aircraft. And thanks to its durability and extremely low maintenance costs. It is widely used in various industries such as industry, commerce and agriculture.

Metal hangars - Airplane hangars for sale

Professional Manufacturer of Metal Hangar

Shandong Sinoacme Steel Structure Co.,Ltd, as a professional steel structure construction contractor, has rich design experience in metal aircraft hangar and other building types, and can perfectly design buildings that meet the aircraft storage requirements. We sell small, large and many other hangar buildings. We can provide the perfect storage environment for your light jets, crop powder jets, single engine aircraft, gliders, helicopters, twin engine piston aircraft, twin planes, turboprop aircraft, military aircraft or commercial passenger aircraft.

Custom Aircraft Hangars

See here, maybe you are wondering, why didn’t I start my construction plan immediately! But I don’t know where to start, let our steel structure experts take you to establish your exclusive metal aircraft hangar step by step!

Metal hangars - Aircraft hangar prices
Metal hangars - Airplane hangars for sale

1, Due to the large internal space required by the hangar, we use a net span columnless construction structure to greatly enhance the activity space of the aircraft inside the hangar.

2. Our hangar outer wall board uniformly adopts 24 GAUGE as the external wall wall board. Fully ensure the indoor safety.

3. We provide a variety of roof slopes, commonly including 1: 12 or 2: 12 and 3: 12 roofs. Of course, we can choose according to the specific needs.

4. You can also choose different roof, wall panels and wall colors. We offer all the types of colors, whenever you need them!

5. Other accessories: downpipe, Windows, door style can be selected according to the needs, whether in the favorite style to see at home or other places. We can meet it if you need it.

These are bespoke options for standard hangar construction, if you need more, you can consult our steel construction experts for design options.

Aircraft Hangar Doors

As a professional supplier of prefabricated hangars in China, Sinoacme offers a wide range of hangar doors for you to choose from, including automatic sliding doors, hydraulic doors and folding doors. Generally, automatic sliding doors are used for large openings, while hydraulic or folding doors are used for small hangar openings.

Metal Hangar Design Drawings

aircraft hangar prices

You might think how, fashionable design, amazing protection ability, prices could not be expensive.

In fact, as a steel structure, it costs much less than conventional cement buildings, the latest in 2021 was $ 100,100 per square meter. It is 1 / 2 lower than conventional buildings, and he has a strong advantage in protecting precious property such as aircraft. And he still has a lot of advantages, let’s see it together.

Advantages of metal hangar kits

1 . High Strength And Durability

All the basic materials of the metal hangar are processed by steel, from small screws to large brackets. Due to excellent plasticity and toughness. When affected by strong wind shock and heavy snow, just can meet the corresponding load requirements, our prefabricated buildings have suffered Category 8 strong earthquake and Category 5 hurricane. Fully ensure the safety of the aircraft and personnel.

Another feature of the steel hangar house that cannot be ignored is its durability and all the buildings we built for 50 years. Usually only need simple maintenance can well increase his service life, may need an overhaul is only to replace the relevant accessories.

Metal hangars - airplane hangar kit for sale
metal aircraft hangar-airplane hangar kit price

2. Good thermostatic properties

The steel hangars are fitted with cool coloured panels to reflect glare as required and the wall and roof sandwich is filled with insulating wool. A constant temperature is maintained in the hangar to minimise damage to the aircraft by natural elements.

3. Clear span design

Whether the building is used for small aircraft or for storage of a fleet of aircraft, it needs to accommodate the unobstructed movement of aircraft.

The clear span design of the metal vault, then, allows for a large span of 250 feet to be built without load-bearing columns, greatly satisfying the need for aircraft movement indoors. Reducing the risk of damage.

4. Strong resistance to natural disasters

When faced with natural disasters such as strong winds and earthquakes, metal hangars can effectively resist natural forces due to their own good frame structure and the flexibility of steel thus safeguarding aircraft and other property.

5. Wide range of use

Our hangars are designed to meet the needs of large spans, while our roof frame structure can also provide a lifting capacity of 5-30T to meet the needs of any aircraft equipment installation.

5. Stylish design

The hangar design process is fully customisable and we offer a number of design options to help you design your metal hangar building.

Start your hangar construction with Sinoacme

In general, the steel structure hangar is a practical, strong protection ability of the construction type, he can perfectly protect your precious assets.

And Sinoacme is composed of a professional team, fast and corresponding, design, quotation, experienced communication ability, in the global unanimous praise of customers, now start to take action!

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