The Best Prefab Buildings

Prefab buildings refers to the transfer of a large number of on-site production in the traditional construction to the factory for processing, manufacturing related parts (columns, beams, wall panels, stairs, etc.) according to the overall pattern, and transporting them to the site through bolts and The form of welding construction.

Compared with other buildings, it has the advantages of fast construction speed, customization, strong resistance to natural disasters, and low cost. It is widely used in the construction of various houses.

Prefab Buildings

Sell the best prefab buildings at competitive prices

Not all buildings can be favored by most business owners. The prefabricated building is one of the best building types favored by global business owners.

The reason is that while it brings huge economic benefits to business owners, it can also greatly reduce construction costs.

In the latest quotation for 2021, the cost per square meter of metal construction is only US$50-100. And his construction time is only 2/5 of the conventional building.

This virtually saves a lot of labor costs. And 80% recyclability of steel can also save a lot of construction costs.

Prefab Buildings
Prefab Buildings

Wide range of uses for prefabricated steel structures

Shandong Sinoacme Steel Structure Co., Ltd, as a professional steel structure manufacturer in China, provides a wide range of steel structure buildings with our rich construction experience. Meet your various needs. The following are some common customization options that are common.

Industrial steel structure: When we are preparing for the construction of industrial plants such as petroleum and chemical industries, the safety and maintenance convenience of the construction of the factory area give priority to the building type of prefabricated steel structure. Minimize the occurrence of related safety issues.

Agricultural steel structure: Are you still worrying about the continuous growth of agricultural production materials that are nowhere to be stacked? of course! Our steel structure building adopts reasonable design, durable building structure, diverse functions and economical and reasonable construction methods, which can greatly improve the protection performance of agricultural materials.

Commercial steel structure: Our commercial steel structure can provide transparent indoor lighting, large-span column-free design, and modern building appearance. Make your exhibition hall have a modern appearance and at the same time create comfortable conditions for exhibitions and visits, and enhance your business development.

These are some of our conventional building structures. In addition, we also include:workshops, warehouses, riding stables, churches, airplane hangars, car 4S shops, barns, restaurants, retail stores, sports facilities, clinics and other buildings in various styles .

Can’t find the right one? do not worry! We provide a variety of customized designs, and carry out a variety of architectural designs!

Prefabricated building example


1. A large number of construction parts are produced and processed by the workshop. The main types of components are: exterior wall panels, interior wall panels, laminated panels, balconies, air conditioning panels, stairs, prefabricated beams, prefabricated columns, etc.

2. A large number of on-site assembly operations are greatly reduced compared to the original cast-in-place operations.

3. Adopt the integrated design and construction of building and decoration. The ideal state is that the decoration can be carried out simultaneously with the main construction.

4. High degree of openness, can be connected with other production workshops to improve work efficiency

5. Green building, environmentally friendly

6. Energy saving and environmental protection

7. Strong wind and earthquake resistance

8. Long service life, up to more than 50 years

9. Low maintenance cost in later period.

Best prefabricated construction manufacturer

Shandong Sinoacme, as a professional prefabricated building manufacturer, we provide various design services (style, load-bearing, drainage, lighting, etc.). And we have thousands of architectural design cases in more than 60 countries in the world, and we have enough design experience and ability to quickly solve your current needs. As a structural steel manufacturer and exporter, we have a manufacturing plant covering an area of 130,000 square meters and 6 advanced steel structure production lines. It is fully satisfied to deal with various types of buildings.

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