Steel Structure Workshop

The steel structure workshop is specially built for the production of enterprises. The main components use steel as the main material, including steel columns, steel frames, steel beams, steel structure foundations, steel roofs, etc. It is a new type of building structure, suitable for industrial, commercial, agricultural and other industries. Due to the advantages of short construction time, low cost, and low maintenance cost. It is widely used in various regions.

Metal workshop buildings, steel workshops

Specifically, it can be subdivided into heavy steel structure workshop and light steel structure workshop.

  • Heavy-duty steel structure workshops are generally suitable for commercial purposes with relatively high load-bearing requirements. They use heavy-duty roof structures with thicker beams, columns and beams, and are often used to build large-span stadiums, power plants, petrochemical plants and other large-scale buildings.
  • Light-weight steel structure workshop adopts light-weight roof, which reduces the cross-section size of beam and column and reduces the foundation. It has the characteristics of light weight, less steel consumption and fast construction speed. Has strong seismic performance. It is a kind of steel structure workshop building widely used at present.
Steel workshops, metal buildings
Steel Structure Workshop

Why choose a steel workshop?

As the type of building used for factory investment, metal workshops are certainly the building type of choice when we erect a factory. It has many advantages: fast construction, low maintenance costs, good insulation, resistance to natural disasters, flexibility in customisation and various other features. It is one of the main reasons why many customers choose metal buildings for their workshops today. Universally applicable to the needs of projects in all sectors, from commercial to agricultural as well as industrial.

Composition and parameters

Main Steel Frame System
Main structure H section steel Q355, apply alkyd paint, twice primer and twice top coat
Roof purlin XZ160*60*20*2.5, galvanized
Wall purlin XZ160*60*20*2.5, galvanized
Intensive bolt Grade 10.9
Turn buckle bolt M20+2, steel Q235, processing
Anchor bolt M24, steel Q235, processing
Ordinary bolt Galvanized bolt M20
Ordinary bolt Galvanized bolt M12
Brace nut Galvanized bolt M12
Bracing System
Cross brace Φ20 round steel bar Q235, process and painted (alkyd painting)
Angle brace L50*5 angle steel Q235, process and painted (alkyd painting)
Column bracing Φ25 round steel bar Q235, process and painted (alkyd painting)
Tie bar Φ127*3 steel pipe Q235, process and painted (alkyd painting)
Casing pipe and bracing Φ32*2.5, Φ12 round steel bar Q235, process and painted (alkyd painting)
Wall & Roof System
Roof panel Corrugated steel sheet or sandwich panel (EPS/fiber glass/rock wool/PU)
Wall panel Corrugated steel sheet or sandwich panel (EPS/fiber glass/rock wool/PU)
Edge cover 0.4mm thickness color sheet, angle Alu.
Fittings & accessories Nails, glue, etc.
Unpowered ventilator Diameter Φ600, stainless steel
Sky lighting band 1.2mm FRP, single layer or double layers
Sliding door sandwich panel door
Roof drainage system
Gutter 0.5mm color steel sheet
Rainspout pipe Φ110 PVC pipe

Design factors of steel structure workshop

  1. Load-bearing: the load-bearing of the steel structure workshop is bright with construction load, rain, dust, maintenance load and other factors. When we receive the letter, we will choose the corresponding one for you according to the plant purpose provided by you, the local rain and snow environment and other factors. Framework.
  2. Daylighting: As the general area of ​​the workshop is relatively large, it is necessary to improve the lighting of the workshop to save energy. In response to this, we installed daylighting panels or daylighting glass at specific locations on the roof, and fully ensured the overall coordination.
  3. Moisture proof: Is the factory located in a rainy and humid environment? Our steel structure warehouse is installed with ventilation facilities to improve the air flow inside the workshop. In addition, a thermal insulation cotton layer is installed on the roof, and a waterproof membrane is also used to cover it. Avoid condensation of water vapor on the roof, and can be smoothly discharged through the vent.
  4. Anti-leakage: Since the steel structure workshop is assembled by components, the warehouse’s airtightness and leak-proofness may be poor. In response to this, we used welding and/or sealant to fill the gap nodes.
  5. Sound insulation: The workshop is usually accompanied by huge noise. The workshop is built with bells. In order to avoid noise transmission and affect the work and rest around, we installed insulation cotton interlayers on the walls and roof of the workshop at the beginning of the establishment of the workshop. Effectively ensure that while working, it will not have any impact on the lives and cooperation of people around you.
  6. After the waterproof and moisture-proof treatment is done, we also need to do the heat preservation treatment in winter. Insulation cotton interlayers are installed on the walls around the workshop to block the diffusion of heat from the walls to the outside world. The temperature in the workshop has been maintained at a stable temperature, creating a comfortable working environment.

Steel structure construction

After completing the design of the steel structure, it entered the field installation process.

The schematic diagram of the steel structure is as follows:

Find the steel column drop point → embed the embedded parts → load-bearing column installation → crane in place → roof beam, roof support → correction and fixation of steel crane beams, etc. → maintain structural installation

Yes, the steel structure installation process is very simple. This is why the steel structure can be installed in 45 days.

Examples of workshop

Advantages of steel structure building

1. Wide range of uses: steel structure buildings can not only be used as production workshops, but also can be used to construct a series of industrial and non-industrial buildings.
2. Strong aesthetics: The prefabricated warehouse building is customized to meet the requirements at the beginning of the design. It has a modern linear appearance, and the exterior wall color, roof style, etc. can be selected, which is more flexible.
3. Convenient construction, time-saving and labor-saving: a workshop of 8000 square meters, from the beginning to the completion. It can be completed in 45 days, which greatly saves construction time and puts into use faster.
4. Strong ability to resist natural disasters: adopting a frame structure, in a strong wind and strong earthquake environment, the natural forces received by the workshop can be well offset to all parts of the workshop, thereby reducing the impact of natural forces on the workshop.

workshop building-metal buildings
Prefabricated workshop buildings - Steel workshop

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