Steel Structure Workshop

Steel structure workshop is specially built for the production of enterprises. The main components are made of steel, including steel columns, steel frames, steel beams, steel foundations and steel roofs, etc. It is a new type of building structure, suitable for industrial, commercialand agriculturalindustries. Due to the advantages of short construction time, low construction cost and low maintenance cost. It is widely used. The building has stood the test of time. It has excellent short and long term value.

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Custom Steel Workshop Kits

At Sinoacme Steel Structure, whether you need a fabrication workshop, a warehouse for goods, a car repair workshop or a metal hangar, we can meet all your customised requirements. We create the perfect and comfortable metal building for you.

Sinoacme metal workshops are factory prefabricated in high quality galvanised stainless steel, combined with a good space structure. This makes your Sinosteel workshop more time efficient, more durable and more resistant to the effects of inclement weather. These excellent building properties can significantly reduce your short term costs as well as your long term costs. This is why metal buildings are by far the most popular type of construction. Start customising!

The many uses of Metal workshop

  • Exhibition halls
  • Car repair workshop
  • Machinery storage workshop
  • Photography studio
  • More

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Design Factors Of Steel Structure Workshop

  • Load-bearing: the load-bearing of the steel structure workshop is bright with construction load, rain, dust, maintenance load and other factors. When we receive the letter, we will choose the corresponding one for you according to the plant purpose provided by you, the local rain and snow environment and other factors. Framework.
  • Daylighting: As the general area of ​​the workshop is relatively large, it is necessary to improve the lighting of the workshop to save energy. In response to this, we installed daylighting panels or daylighting glass at specific locations on the roof, and fully ensured the overall coordination.
  • Moisture proof: Is the factory located in a rainy and humid environment? Our steel structure warehouse is installed with ventilation facilities to improve the air flow inside the workshop. In addition, a thermal insulation cotton layer is installed on the roof, and a waterproof membrane is also used to cover it. Avoid condensation of water vapor on the roof, and can be smoothly discharged through the vent.
  • Anti-leakage: Since the steel structure workshop is assembled by components, the warehouse’s airtightness and leak-proofness may be poor. In response to this, we used welding and/or sealant to fill the gap nodes.
  • Sound insulation: The workshop is usually accompanied by huge noise. The workshop is built with bells. In order to avoid noise transmission and affect the work and rest around, we installed insulation cotton interlayers on the walls and roof of the workshop at the beginning of the establishment of the workshop. Effectively ensure that while working, it will not have any impact on the lives and cooperation of people around you.
  • Thermal insulation: Insulation cotton interlayers are installed on the walls around the workshop to block the diffusion of heat from the walls to the outside world. The temperature in the workshop has been maintained at a stable temperature, creating a comfortable working environment.
Steel workshops, metal buildings
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Advantages of steel workshop

  1. Wide range of uses: steel buildings can be used not only as production workshops, but also to construct a range of industrial and non-industrial buildings.
  2.  Aesthetically pleasing: assembled warehouse buildings are customised at the outset of design to meet requirements. It has a modern linear appearance, with optional external wall colours and roof styles, making it more flexible.
  3. Construction is convenient and time-saving: the factory building is 8000 square metres and can be completed in 45 days from start to finish, which greatly saves construction time and is put into use faster.
  4. Strong ability to resist natural disasters: With frame structure, the natural forces on the workshop can be well offset to various parts of the workshop under strong wind and strong earthquake environment, thus reducing the impact of natural forces on the workshop.
  5. Strong customisation: Any requirement can be met, a truly customised building.
  6. Easy to expand: along with the increase in the scale of business, the expansion of the workshop is also easy.
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Prefabricated workshop buildings - Steel workshop

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