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Steel warehouses Kits can be used for the storage of any equipment and goods, for small and large quantities. With large spans of column-free space, building heights of up to 40 feet and virtually unlimited lengths, the interior of a metal warehouse allows for flexible internal customisation features and is truly bespoke. Metal buildings are also a durable building type with significant short-term and long-term costs. This is why they are used in logistics, warehousing, processing and much more. Our metal buildings offer benefits to the warehousing industry that are unmatched by other building types.

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Why Choose Metal Warehouse?

Steel warehouses are currently an important building type, mainly for logistics and storage. And these buildings require a strong in-bin transport and transit capacity as well as the ability to reduce risk. And our steel warehouses are designed to meet this challenge. We have upgraded all our steel warehouses. Whether for the present or the future. All can be adapted to meet the needs of different expansion functions.

Metal warehouses can be installed for self-storage logistics setups. An unmanned management model with automated handling, transport and picking in one line is realised, making sufficient optimisations and upgrades for increased efficiency as well as reduced management costs.

As an important protection system for goods, metal warehouses not only carry the function of storage, the protection of goods is also vital. And our steel warehouse armature system meets the installation and bearing of fire extinguishing systems.

Custom designed metal warehouse kits

Sinoacme Steel Structure offers a high quality metal warehouse design and delivery service where we customise the warehouse in every detail to suit your wishes. Whether you need a warehouse, a workshop, a hangar or a showroom building. Our designers will listen carefully to your requirements to create a bespoke design and build. And we use high-quality galvanised stainless steel to create your warehouse building, giving our buildings the best possible design elements and longevity. We offer unique buildings.

Metal Warehouse Applications

  • Industrial Storage
  • Mall/Supermarket Storage
  • Oversized storage
  • Packaging and shipping space
  • Retail and consumer goods storage
  • Toxic or hazardous chemical storage
  • Cold storage
  • More
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Optimal design of SINOACME's warehouse

SINOACME has adopted numerous optimisations in order to better serve its customers. Meeting the individual functional requirements of metal warehouse needs.

Indoor floor space:Due to the current high cost of land, many business owners have to pay a large amount of money for land rent alone. The land use of a warehouse building then becomes an important architectural consideration. The prefabricated building has a large span column-free structure, which means that there are no bulky support columns or load-bearing walls within 250 feet. This greatly enhances the use of space. The land use area can be over 85%.

Structural flexibility:The unique column-bearing structure of our warehouses is a break with the load-bearing wall structure of conventional buildings, as it is a functional feature of the production and transportation of goods. This facilitates the installation of conveyor belts and the connection of the building structure to the production hall. Also if you want to install cranes or accommodate large vehicle movements, our rigid warehouses can meet these functional requirements.

Optimisation of the coating:The original construction material of the steel warehouse is steel, which is much less resistant to corrosion than other construction materials, to address this, we offer professional anti-corrosion coatings, which not only improve the service life of the steel structure. The most important point is that the overall level of fire resistance of the steel frame structure can be improved.

Optimisation of space utilisation:SINOACME buildings can be built with eaves heights of up to 40 feet, allowing more goods to be stacked per square metre through vertical multi-storey racking, thus reducing management costs. We can also offer higher eaves heights, depending on your needs.

Structural optimisation: the use of advanced frame member methods improves the overall ability to see natural disasters. Stability in the event of strong winds and earthquakes.

Metal warehouse design drawings-Sinoacme Steel Structure
Metal warehouse design drawings-Sinoacme Steel Structure

Steel Structure Warehouse Design Options

1. According to different project and structural design requirements, the design software we use is: PKPK, 3D3S, SAP2000, etc.

2. According to different uses, it can be divided into single-span, double-span, multi-span, single-layer, and multi-layer structures.

3. Depending on the structure, it can be designed as a portal frame structure (generally a single span less than 60m for ordinary single-storey warehouses), a frame structure (used for multi-storey warehouses) and a space grid structure (single span greater than 100m)

4. According to the steel structure design requirements, the components can be designed as H-shaped steel beam column, box beam column, cross-shaped steel column, round pipe column, roof structure can be designed as, portal steel frame H-shaped roof beam, truss and Grid structure.

5. The metal warehouse kits are all galvanised and finished in a lacquer finish. The perfect sealing of the components ensures the longevity of the steel structure.

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Metal warehouse cost

You might think when you see this, what is the cost for me to build the warehouse?

First of all, the cost of a steel structure warehouse is 50-100 US dollars per square meter. This depends on your requirements for the construction of the warehouse, and the price may fluctuate.

In addition, the 70% recyclability of steel structure buildings will be demolished in our later period, and the cost can be recovered by about 30%. After the cement warehouse was demolished, the recycling rate was less than 3%. The recycling rate has increased by 10 times, which are part of our future construction costs.

Secondly, the construction time of the steel structure warehouse is only ⅖ of the conventional cement construction period. From the construction cost alone, the steel structure building can save a lot of human resource costs.

Benefits of prefabricated steel warehouse

1. Improve Production Efficiency

Conventional warehouses can only be used to store goods. When the production and transportation system needs to be upgraded, it is likely to be affected by the structural characteristics of the concrete building and cannot achieve the purpose of upgrading, thus unable to effectively improve work efficiency.

Then, due to the strength of steel and the performance of the frame, there is more room for adjustment inside the warehouse. Therefore, the prefabricated warehouse can be used as an important part of production and storage, forming a supporting automatic storage system that is transported by computer-controlled and automated equipment and connected with external production facilities. This can greatly improve the turnover of goods, reduce inventory and improve work efficiency. It can effectively reduce cargo loss and protect the safety of constructors.

2. Large-Span Construction

Due to the high strength of steel and low weight. Can be made into a larger span building. It means that in the same area, fewer load-bearing columns are used in the warehouse design, and there is no need to use load-bearing walls and more load-bearing columns to achieve the stability of the warehouse structure. The metal warehouse can achieve every 150 feet to 250 feet, without any obstacles.

If the area of ​​the warehouse is larger than 250 feet, a load-bearing column can be erected in the center of the metal warehouse, and an area of ​​less than 250 feet can be set aside on both sides. In this way, different warehouse areas can be established. Meet different business needs. If you need a larger commercial warehouse, you can build a load-bearing column every 250 feet.

Shandong Sinoacme can build single-storey and multi-storey metal warehouses to meet the needs of stacking more goods. The single-storey building can meet the maximum requirement of 40 feet. At the same time, we are also equipped with load-bearing beams and installed cranes or cranes to meet more lifting requirements. Heavy needs, and the corresponding sprinkler system is installed to ensure the lifting and safety of the goods.

3. Customizable

As a professional steel structure construction contractor in China, we provide customers with various metal building types, length, width, height, single-story or multi-story options. We provide a complete process from design to production and installation. If you have any questions about our metal warehouse, you can contact us directly, and our team will respond immediately and draft a plan!

Of course, you may ask, do we provide these customization options? Of course not. In addition, we also provide customization of warehouse door styles, skylight styles and other details. In general, we provide a complete set of design plans, whether you require it or not, we will complete these details with you and check with you.

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4. The Most Economical

As the price of raw materials for steel rises in 2021, the current construction cost per square meter of steel structure buildings is around US$50-100. But in the case of rising prices of raw materials. Prefab warehouse is also one of the most economical buildings.

First of all, all the prefabricated parts in the warehouse are completed in the factory and shipped to the destination for installation, saving a lot of installation time and thus saving a lot of labor costs.

Moreover, due to the recyclability of steel materials, our steel structure buildings are 100% recyclable, which can save the construction cost of metal buildings to the utmost while avoiding environmental pollution.

5. More Secure

Another advantage of the steel structure is the ability to resist natural disasters. The warehouse is most afraid of loss, corrosion, and strong winds and earthquakes that will affect the goods and cause unnecessary losses. The metal properties of steel components can avoid these risks.

Due to the high-strength frame characteristics of the metal structure, it can withstand strong winds and strong earthquakes of more than 8 levels. It is especially suitable for installation and construction in areas with frequent natural disasters to provide a stable shelter for goods.

As a new type of building, it is fully involved in production, storage, and transportation. Warehousing is the most important part, and the storage of goods faces the need for fire prevention. Due to the non-combustible nature of steel, the risk of fire is greatly reduced. At the same time, we are also equipped with a sprinkler system according to different needs. In the event of a sudden fire, the goods in the warehouse can be effectively controlled as soon as possible.

At the same time, in order to avoid hidden safety hazards caused by later corrosion and impact on the storage of goods, we also sprayed the surface of the components during processing in the factory. Greatly increase the useful life of the warehouse and reduce potential safety hazards.

6. Fast Construction Speed

As we all know, it takes a lot of our energy to construct a new building. We need to make a lot of efforts on appearance style, layout and manpower arrangement to complete the final building type.

Then, you can take a look at our metal building!

This is because, in the early stage of the design of the metal building from the inside out, our designers can make it 100% according to your requirements. The warehouse frame components are prefabricated in the factory and finally delivered to the site. You only need to install it according to the drawings. can. After a set of procedures, the fastest speed can reach 45 days to complete the installation. Compared with conventional buildings, the time is shortened by 3/5.

8. The Heat Preservation Effect Is Remarkable

The thermal insulation wall panels we provide can isolate the cold air from the outside and ensure the stability of the temperature in the house, especially as the storage of fresh products, which can effectively avoid problems such as product deterioration.

7. Excellent Ventilation Performance

At Sinoacme, we also provide a variety of ventilation equipment, if it is used as a storage for crops, it will not be suitable.

First of all, we will install various ventilation windows on the roof. In addition to ventilation, we can also provide more lighting performance to ensure the light and transparency of the workshop, thereby saving a lot of lighting costs. In addition, we have installed various ventilation equipment on the roof to help prevent air circulation in the circulation space.

Conventional concrete warehouse vs metal warehouse

Faster construction – compared to other buildings, all fittings are prefabricated in the factory and delivered to site for installation, reducing the impact of the natural environment on the construction schedule and increasing the construction speed by 1/3. The construction week for a standard building is around 4 weeks.

Longevity – Our steel buildings are strong and durable, lasting 20 years and retaining their original beauty, integrity and value.

Good safety – Steel has a stronger deformation force than other concrete buildings, so when a major natural disaster occurs, it will not produce an instant collapse, but rather a certain amount of deformation first, leaving ample time for people to escape.

Flexibility – steel warehouses can meet a wide range of additional requirements, including the installation of conveyor belts and additional facilities such as fire-fighting equipment.

Professional steel structure manufacturer

As a professional steel structure warehouse seller in China, we provide a variety of styles of steel structure warehouses. During the design process of steel structure, we provide a variety of options, including warehouse surface coating, frame styles, and warehouse dimensions. Optional items. For more information, you can learn about our steel structure warehouse design options!

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