Many owners may have the same question – what is a pre-engineered metal building?

In fact, a pre-engineered building (PEB) is a metal building in which the building elements are machined in a factory and delivered to the construction site for assembly.

All steel structures are precisely machined and cut in the factory and bolted together, making it an effective alternative to conventional metal buildings.

It is easy and fast to build. This form of construction is therefore often used to manufacture.

Large and small industrial buildings

Agricultural buildings

Commercial buildings

What Is A Pre Engineered Metal Building

Prefabricated Metal Building Components

Prefabricated metal buildings are generally divided into three sections, which have different functions depending on the applicability of the different sections.

Steel frame section

Roof section

Wall panel section (the wall panel section can be customised in real time to suit different customer requirements, offering simple single-layer insulation panels to multi-layer sandwich insulation panels. (Able to provide a warm and soundproof living and working area and reduce heating energy consumption.)

Advantages Of Using Prefabricated Buildings

1. Faster construction time

Prefabricated steel buildings use pre-designed drawings, according to which the corresponding components are processed and produced in the factory, greatly reducing the construction time on site and using modular installation, allowing the building to be put into use much faster.

2. Flexibility in expansion

Another advantage of PEB buildings is that they can be easily expanded when more space is required to meet current needs. By adding additional frames, PEB frame structures can be easily extended.

3. Extremely cost effective

The short construction time on site reduces the cost of construction on site. It also requires little maintenance and has an extremely long life span. Reduced investment risks and maintenance costs.

4. Protective performance

Constructed with high strength galvanised stainless steel, it has strong resistance to bending and tearing, providing strong sheltering capacity.

5. Customisation

The whole building is built in a pre-designed manner, with all components and exterior styles being customised to the client’s requirements in the pre-construction phase.

6. Energy saving

The walls are constructed using insulation materials to maintain a stable indoor temperature and reduce heating costs.

The second is reasonably equipped with a certain number of windows and light panels. Enhancing indoor brightness and reducing lighting costs.

Determining Whether Prefabricated Buildings Are Right For Your Project

PEB buildings are not suitable for all building types and it is not advisable to choose prefabricated buildings in highly corrosive environments, for example.
It is therefore a wise choice to let your engineer help you when constructing a prefabricated building and choose the type of prefabricated building that best suits your building needs.

Whatever your building needs, you don’t have to spend a lot of time trying to decide which building type to choose. Our engineers will give you the best recommendation.

Delivering your project to Sinosteel for a bespoke design is the smartest choice, as all bespoke directions will be taken and realised according to your ideas.