Horses are not only valuable agricultural assets, they are also our best companions and friends. As horse breeders, we have a duty and responsibility to provide a safe and comfortable living environment for them. When planning a stable building, the first thing that comes to mind is a wooden barn/horse barns. However, metal horse barns offer many more advantages that wooden horse barns cannot meet at the same cost. As a specialist metal stable builder, we have done a thorough comparison of the two to help you choose the right frame structure.

1. Comfortable Living Environment

Horse health is extremely important in the horse breeding process, and there is no greater impact on horse health than the summer mosquito bites, wooden horse barns are the most likely to breed insect growth, and metal horse barns due to the characteristics of the material used itself, will not create a favourable environment for insects to live and grow. Together with a good barrier environment, the horses kept are basically free from insects and ants, which also provides great convenience for our feeding sessions.

Metal Horse Barns | Steel Horse Barns

2. Durability

As an agricultural building, the farmer will want the building to last for many years, providing a comfortable and safe environment for the horses to be kept, which in an investment sense will also reduce your construction costs in disguise. A metal building, on the other hand, is essentially the same upfront investment compared to a wooden building, while a metal building offers better durability and can even be passed down from your grandfather to you. With simple care, it will maintain its cosmetic integrity for years, making it an extremely durable type of building.

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3. Insulation

Both building types can be individually insulated, and although metal stables are insulated with a special insulation layer, metal buildings are far less well insulated than the good natural insulation of wood. The natural breathability of wood is effective in keeping the interior temperature at a constant temperature, cool in summer and warm in winter. For the choice of insulating properties, we therefore recommend wooden buildings.

4. Safety

The most obvious advantage of metal horse barn is that they provide an extremely safe breeding environment. As the foundation of a metal building is fixed to a concrete slab. This does not cause structural damage to the house over time, as is the case with wooden horse barn. And with a wide internal environment, any security threats to the horses are prevented.

5. Minimal maintenance

Metal stables are extremely resistant to ageing and will not deteriorate over time. However, the situation is not so good for wooden buildings, which over time, the associated wooden elements will rot over time. We therefore need to replace the relevant elements in good time. Metal buildings therefore have a lower cost of operation in comparison.

6. Fire resistance

Steeldoes not contribute to the development of a fire, but wood can act as an accelerant for a fire. If you are looking for a structural building with a high level of fire resistance, then a metal building is undoubtedly the best choice.

7 .Appearance

In terms of exterior performance, wooden stables have a traditional look, while metal stables have a simple, clean, streamlined metal look to their structure. Depending on the aesthetic, we cannot make a decision for either side.


In general, either wooden or metal stables can be used to create an aesthetically pleasing structure. However, our research tells us that the overall price of the building is the primary consideration for most farmers when choosing a corresponding type of building, both in terms of upfront construction and later maintenance and insurance costs. In terms of overall costs, metal buildings are less expensive overall. And with a good service life, they can effectively extend the value of your investment. As a specialist metal building manufacturer, we would be happy to create a building for you to use for storage, farming and more.

Wood Stables Vs Metal Stables Comparison Chart-Right Choice Horse Barn (Wood Vs Metal)