The first thing that many homeowners think about when it comes to the huge and serious investment of building is – how much does a metal building cost? Nevertheless, the price of a metal building still stands up to the price of a conventional concrete building, and over time the price advantage becomes more apparent. When determining the price of a specific steel building, we need to take into account the location, size, design and additional kit requirements. to determine specifically.

Steel Building Cost-2022 Estimates & Prices

Example of steel construction prices

Generally speaking, the cost per square foot of a steel structure is in the range of $10-$15. For simpler designs and larger areas, this metal building can be built for as low as about $7 per square foot. This is only a ballpark range to help you get a rough estimate for a steel building.

Some of the popular types of metal buildings currently available are 50×100 , 30×50, 30×60, 40×50, 40×60, 40×80, 50×50, 50×80 and 60×60. These are also a few of the sizes that our team often go for. The approximate prices are as follows.

50×100 metal building: $39,000
30×50 metal building: $18,750
30×60 metal building: $21,600
40×50 metal building: $23,800
40×60 metal building: $28,600
40×80 metal building: $31,750
50×50 metal building: $25,600
50×80 metal building: $38,000
60×60 metal building: $34,920

Specific factors affecting the price of steel structures

1.Size of the building

There are two dimensions to be aware of here, as they will ultimately affect the price of a steel structure, which include the horizontal dimensions of the building and the vertical height. Please note that budget is not the ultimate factor in determining building size, it is your current choice of land that has enough space to accommodate a building of sufficient size.

Building height also affects cost, and many owners with limited land want more internal space to meet necessary commercial as well as industrial needs. It will be necessary to increase the height of the building to gain more space for storage, operations, logistics transit and other activities. Our team offers building heights of 20-40 feet to meet the necessary commercial and industrial requirements.

2. Codes and loads

Building a metal building to local building codes is a building factor that must be considered. For example, local wind speed, rain and snow conditions, and earthquake conditions. We need to tailor a building that will perform well against these factors, withstand these adverse weather conditions and ensure the safety of your office and operations later on.

3. Design

What is the end use of the building? The complexity of the design will also have a direct impact on the price of your building, as a more complex structure means more steel is required to build it. This is determined specifically according to the different uses, with simple rectangular structures generally being cheaper.

4. Number of windows and doors

Windows and doors are also more visible around the building because not only do they enhance the overall aesthetics, but they also improve the internal light performance. When employees conduct workshops indoors, they also provide strong sound insulation and fire protection, making them a necessary building kit. The corresponding windows and doors can be selected according to the current building situation, etc.

5. Insulate your building

The professional insulation of your building is conducive to a comfortable working and production environment and enhances the energy efficiency of your building. We currently offer a wide range of insulation materials, including glass fibre insulation, spray foam, double foam insulation and prefabricated insulation panels. As a professional steel builder, we still recommend that you choose the right insulation material for your building use and building requirements.

6. Cost of additional components

Have you considered installing additional components such as guttering, downpipes, reflective components and downpipes? Generally speaking, add-ons will cost 15-20% of the cost of the basic kit.

7. Installation costs

Choosing a professional contractor to help you with professional construction and installation will cost you around $3-4 per square foot for the installation. Fortunately, when you purchase a steel structure kit from our team, we will provide you with free installation services. Choosing SINOACME STEEL STRUCTURE is undoubtedly the cheapest way for you to erect.

In summary

Choosing a professional steel building not only saves you a lot of money on construction costs, but also on your expensive time costs. This is why many clients give priority to metal buildings when investing in construction. For pricing on the design of your particular steel building, consult our engineers for a specific quote. Our engineers will be happy to provide you with professional assistance to help you determine the exact price of your steel structure.