Steel Building vs Pole Barn – The question of whether to choose a metal pole barn or a traditional pole barn when realising the idea of a pole barn build is one that troubles many people. In order to determine which building is best for your needs, we need to consider a combination of structural methods, construction costs, durability and other factors to help us determine the right building structure. Let’s look at the difference between a traditional pole barn and a metal pole barn.

Steel Building VS Pole Barn-Choosing The Right Frame Structure

What Are Pole Barns?

Pole Barns are wooden poles that are used as the main load-bearing structure, buried deep underground, to support the roof. The walls are fixed with screws and nails and are often filled with wooden or iron panels. The advantage of this type of building is that it is extremely inexpensive and has many additional features, but as a long term building, Pole Barns are buried deep in the ground and can cause deflection of the load-bearing columns over time, which can damage the structural integrity of the building. For this reason these buildings are not generally considered permanent structures and are typically used for a period of around 15 years. This is why many owners are turning to Metal Barn.To find out more about why steel structures are popular, click here!

Steel Building VS Pole Barn-Choosing The Right Frame Structure

What is a Prefab Metal Barn?

Prefab Metal Barn uses steel columns as the main load-bearing structure, which are fixed to a concrete foundation to support the roof and walls,Metal Barn kits are prefabricated in the factory and bolted togetheron site. This means that building Metal Barn is much easier and more durable than Pole Barns. It is a permanent building model that will typically last for 50 years, or longer when properly maintained.

Why is a Metal Barn better than a Pole Barn?

The most important feature of Metal Barn is the fact that the whole structure is built from prefabricated steel, which gives Metal Barn additional benefits.
Sinoacme Steel offers the following benefits in steel construction.

1. Clear span: Steel buildings offer greater span space, up to 300 feet, which greatly increases spatial flexibility.
2. Fire resistance: Steel is a non-combustible material and will not contribute to the spread of fire, making it a safer building structure compared to timber structures.
3. Weather resistance: Metal Barn can withstand harsh weather and weather-related damage. Factors such as mould, cracking, rotting and buckling.
4. Pest resistance: Steel buildings are resistant to pests and diseases, unlike wooden buildings.
5. consistency: factory-made steel components using high-precision equipment cutting price, to ensure the consistency and uniformity of the components. This is not the case with wooden structures.
6. Customisation: Metal Barn can cater for full customisation, ensuring that every detail meets your requirements, whereas wooden structures have limited ability to be customised.
7. Flexibility: For businesses that are growing in size and will lead to Barn expansion, then Metal Barn can expand more quickly and without adding additional unnecessary expansion costs.

Steel Building VS Pole Barn-Choosing The Right Frame Structure

Metal Barn Is A Better Building Cost

Metal Barn is also a very economical building type, as the cost of metal buildings is lower than that of conventional timber buildings. While materials are one of the factors that influence the cost, more factors such as construction costs, maintenance costs, operating costs and insurance costs also significantly influence the final cost of the Barn. Overall, the overall cost of a Metal Barn is significantly lower than that of a Pole Barn. In addition, a steel building will increase the value of your property. For this reason, many homeowners are now giving preference to metal building types when making their choice of building type. Please consult our professional team for a detailed quote.


Steel Building vs Pole Barn is a better value for money and will protect your property from any dangers. Contact us today to find out more about Steel Buildings and get a free design quote.