The steel frame roof is an extremely strong and durable roof construction and is now widely used as steel roof trusses for warehouses, workshops, hangars and residential buildings. All components are manufactured from high grade galvanised stainless steel for maximum strength and toughness. No extra load-bearing columns are required for additional support, and all forces are transferred to the walls. The steel roof also offers a wide range of bespoke features to enhance the comfort of the building.

Steel Frame Roof-Sinoacme Steel Structure

Why Choose  Steel Frame Roof ?

Steel roofing is lightweight and customisable. We offer a variety of steel types, profiles, shapes, thicknesses and decorative surfaces to choose from. The aim is to enhance the external aesthetics of steel framed buildings as well as the overall comfort of the interior. Moreover, steel is naturally resistant to insects and moths and to bending and warping. It can effectively avoid structural damage that would expose the structure to costly repairs. The roof structure has also been specially designed to withstand the safety risks caused by various natural disasters (hurricanes, snowstorms, strong earthquakes). This is why steel roofs are now the preferred roof structure for all types of buildings.

Steel Frame Roof-Sinoacme Steel Structure

Steel Roofing Construction Types

Three customised types of steel roofing are available, including: articulated frame, grid and steel beam.

Articulated Structure

Articulated frame structures are often used in the construction of large buildings such as large span factories, workshops, gymnasiums and bridges, and are often referred to as roof structures. This mode of construction uses tension and compression sections on the top and bottom sides, effectively increasing the internal force arms. The overall flexural strength is increased with an effective amount of material and has an extremely high frame strength.

Articulated Roof Structures-Sinoacme Steel Structure

Grid Structure

Compared with the armature structure, the grid structure can be used not only for small and medium span industrial and civil buildings, such as industrial plants, clubs, canteens and conference rooms, but also for covering large span public buildings without pillars in the middle, such as gymnasiums, theatres and exhibition halls. The grid roof structure uses many rods arranged in two or more directions and then connected by nodes to form the roof structure. It adopts multi-directional force and internal force redistribution force mode, and thus has the characteristics of large spatial stiffness, good integrity and stability, good seismic performance and good architectural modelling effect in the later use process.

Steel Frame Roof-Sinoacme Steel Structure

Steel Beam Structure

This is a conventional roof style, using steel columns and steel beams to provide stresses for the whole frame, this type of frame building has certain limitations, the larger the span, the larger the corresponding beam cross-section, this type of building is often used to build small span buildings.

Steel Beam Structure Roof-Sinoacme Steel Structure

Determining The Most Logical Roof Construction

A steel roof structure is the most logical choice. A steel roof structure is a lightweight frame structure that provides strong framing forces while greatly reducing the load on the walls and ceilings. In general, roof structures are customised for delivery depending on the application. When customising a steel building, we will select the most reasonable roof structure style and determine the most reasonable frame size for you based on the specific location, requirements and use of the building. Start customising now!